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Effect virulence assume good faith

Besides prayer and endeavor, there is another practice that can also deliver the 'change destiny'. Practice it is the heart practice, always to be kind would have thought (husnuzhan) with all the decisions of Allah. Kind would have thought is a product of refined power of faith. No one has the moral glory of husnuzhan, if not convinced with everything that has been decided upon God.

Someone who claims to have faith was well aware that from each event then God has to transform to human wisdom pearls. Namely, something precious is lost property of the faithful (al-Hikmatu zhalatul mu'minin). That is, events that befall us, there must be a grade or value of securities which are already prepared for us. However, while this has not been found. For this reason, said Imam Ali karramallahu wajhah,''If we find it, immediately taken; fain wajadaha akhadzaha.''

The question is, how can retrieve valuables that, while it is difficult to detect. This is where the role of careful practice, namely husnuzhan. If we mempersangkakan that there is much good that God has provided for us from his destiny, it will be our conjecture is true.

Therefore, what the destiny of our future, we also determined the allegation against him. Consider the following Hadith Qudsy, Anaa 'inda zhanni' man of BiH, Ana wa ma'aka idza da'awtani, "I follow my servant inkling about me. And I'm with you if you ask me."

Thus, husnuzhan can bring someone achieve what is expected. Even if today we are mourning because of the failure, haste husnuzhan that there will be good after the failure. Rest assured that our destiny in the future would be met with a fate of success. Stay optimistic. During the days are still ahead, the opportunity to leave the darkness of night is always open. And, we'll be in line bright daylight.

Husnuzhan luck people, not only got in this world, but also in the Hereafter. The apostle calls those who husnuzhan as a key holder heaven. In a taklim in front of his friend, the Apostle says that soon will enter a who would hold the key to paradise. All friends stunned. Until one Omar bin Khattab 'envy' by embedding term. Not long later entered the intended person.

This guy looks mediocre. There are no special features. Out of curiosity, Umar asked permission to stay at home person. Three days of Umar RA staying at home this guy. However, he did not find a particular person's deeds.

When Omar asked, what's the secret. The man replied, "Worship and amalanku actually granted, O Umar. Just as long as my life, I was taught by my mother to not have feelings of prejudice against anything and anyone. Perhaps that practice is the Prophet Muhammad."

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