Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

Nero 7 Essentials

Burn-Suite Nero 7 offers many new functions. CHIP shows, how to use them optimally. Starting from the manufacture of multichannel sound to the system-backup.
Nero Reloaded has been regarded as a reference in the burning program. Packs a powerful tool, which replaces many single program. However, in the latest Nero 7 hidden potential bigger: CHIP shows what possibilities offered by new functions. From digitizing LP to manufacture a full-backup system.

While not flashy, multimedia databases Nero Scout is the most important innovation. All Nero module can access it. In fact, other applications can also use it through Windows Explorer. In this workshop you will learn how to manage the configuration, tuning, and an optimal use Nero Scout in Nero projects.

The first time is run, you will immediately be faced with a media-center Nero Home. Basically, this is a good thing because you can access all the multimedia content via a remote-control. However, this module is still in early development. Playback of movies, TV, music and slideshows no problem, but not all remote-control and a TV-card can use it. CHIP will help you understand the media-center faster and reveal with any hardware Nero Home can function without a problem (see box).

Nero SoundTrax audio program in Nero 7 has been improved with more comprehensive functionality. Now, complex projects such as upmix stereo tracks into multichannel sound can be realized. CHIP will show how to improve the audio quality on the results of shooting your video so that the original voice be heard coming from the loudspeaker front and back of the narrative emerges from the loudspeaker.

Digitizing LP with Nero 7 to be more comfortable. How to create audio CDs with flawless sound of music discs are scratched or dirty with Auto-Recording CHIP also will explain in this workshop.

Nero 7 is not only better in terms of multimedia. Latest Nero BackItUp much different from the old backup tool. Now he could replace a complete backup solution like Norton Ghost is famous, particularly for the purposes of system-backup. CHIP will show you how to make backup system partition (containing Windows) on DVD and restore it back to the PC.

To you who are interested to download Nero 7 Essentials, please download via the link below:

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