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Uncover the Spiritual Meaning of Isra 'Mi'raj

Events Ascension of the Prophet is the spiritual journey of Prophet Muhammad SAW from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa in a very dramatic and fantastic. Within a short time-less than last night (minal Lail)-but the Prophet managed to penetrate the layers of a very distant and even spiritual to the top (Sidratil Muntaha).

Although it happened over night, but managed copying memory Prophet spiritual experience which is very crowded in there. If you collected all the hadith Isra Mi `raj (whether valid or not), it is not enough day-to-last night to tell it. Starting from its horizontal travel (to the Aqsa Mosque) to the vertical travel (to Sidratil Muntaha). Experiences and views from the first until the seventh heaven sky and get to the top Sidratil Muntaha.

There is a disturbing question. Why memperjalankan servant of Allah in the night (lailan), rather than at noon (naharan)? "Glory to God, who has memperjalankan his servant on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which We have blessed around him, so We showed him some of the signs (greatness) We. Verily He is the Hearer, the Seer. " (Surat al-Isra [17]: 1).

In Arabic the word lailah has several meanings. There are literally meaning the night, opponents of the afternoon. There allegorical meaning (Majaz) as dark or darkness, silence, silence, and kesyahduan; and there is meaning anagogis (spiritual) as absorption (khusyu '), resignation (resignation), proximity (taqarrub) to Allah.

In classical Arabic poetry, an expression used more lailah allegorical meanings rather than literal meaning. As an expression of poetry a new bride: "Yes lalila Thul, yes shubhi QIF" (O nights grow panjanglah, O Dawn stop). Lailah word in the verse that means kesyahduan, beauty, comfort, and warmth, as perceived by the newlyweds who regretted the short night.

In the Sufi poets of the wise (hukama) also emphasized the significance anagogis more lailah said. Sufis spend more time at night to climb (taraqqi) toward God. They thanked lailah (night) that always accompany their solitude. Note the expression of Imam Syafii: Man thalabal Ula syahiral Layali (main dignity of those who crave multiply vigil at night), not just watch. The word al-Layali here means intimacy and longing between servant and his Lord.

Meaning lailah in the first verse sura al-Isra above shows anagogis meaning, which emphasizes aspects of the spiritual power of the night (the power of night). Emotional-spiritual strength experienced by the Prophet at night, triggered by an atmosphere of deep sadness, because his wife, Khadija, and while the guards were gone forever. Messenger exploit grief atmosphere at night as a force for bermunajat to Allah SWT.

Sadness and resignation that is so heightened bring the Prophet through a particular spiritual limits, even to the level summit called Sidratil Muntaha. That's where the Messenger is installed (optional) with remarkable spirit so that the angel Gabriel as the commander of the angels are also not able to penetrate the top of the spiritual limits.

The greatness of night was also depicted God in the Qur'an: "And at the evening prayer sebahagian Tahajudlah you as an extra prayer for you: God I hope you raise you to a place that commendable. (Surat al-Isra [17]: 79).

"They were very little sleep at night; And in recent nights they beg for forgiveness (to Allah)." (Surat al-Dzariyat [51]: 17).

Lailah word in the third paragraph above, indicating the night as the secret to achieving the main elevation and dignity in the sight of Allah SWT in the evening.

The first verse (Surah al-'Alaq [96]: 1-5) was sent down at night, the verses are also marking the inauguration of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as at night. Not long later dropped the verse in surah Al-Muddatstsir marking the inauguration of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as an apostle by the 'ulama' Ulumul Koran.

Events Isra and Mi `raj, when a servant of the maximum peak (sudrah al-Muntaha) also occur at night. No less important is the lailah al-Qadr alf khair min shahr (the night of Qadr Lailat more precious than a thousand months), rather than during the day Ramadlan (Nahar al-Qadr).


Surah al-Isra [17] flanked by two matching surah al-Nahl [16] and al-Kahf [18]. Surah al-Nahl is considered a symbol of intelligence as it relates to the scientific world (the story of a bee). Surah al-Kahf as a symbol of the suras of spiritual intelligence as it relates to the story of faith and spirituality (the story of Prophet Musa and Prophet Khidr, ashab Kahf and Dhu'l-Qarnayn).

While the surah Al-Isra frequently used as a symbol of emotional intelligence, because it told the influence of emotional maturity and the ultimate achievement of a servant. That is why, the three chapters which occupies the middle section of the Koran Qur'an sura is called the triad, ie suras IQ, EQ, SQ.

Primacy in the evening, too many people make the child become more aware (insyaf) of the past deeds of darkness and black. At night many tears shed repentance of His servants who realizes his guilt. At night most appropriate to be used determine the momentum of noble ideals.

Perhaps this is one privilege of boarding school that uses the night to improve morals and manners santrinya. While in public schools, rarely take advantage of the night for moral guidance. In fact, God had already hinted that in general the prayer was placed in the night. Only Dhuhr and Asr prayers at noon, the rest at night (pray Maghrib, Isha, Tahajjud, Witr, tarawih, Fajr, Dawn). This is a sign that unique personalized approach to God more mainstream in the evening.

Actual events-Isra Mi `raj has two kinds of events. First, horizontal journey from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa. And second, the vertical travel of the Aqsa Mosque to Sidratil Muntaha. Travel Isra may still be detected by science and technology, but the trip Mi'raj completely outside the ability of the brain of the human mind.

Travel Mi'raj this, many scholars still debate whether the physical and spirit of the Prophet or just simply spiritual. The majority of Sunni scholars who understand that into Sidratil Muntaha diperjalankan God is the Prophet Muhammad as a whole, outer and inner. While other opinions just to understand just spiritual.

To be sure, a short trip it managed to record a variety of spiritual sight to the Prophet Muhammad, and should be used as a lesson and a lesson for Muslims. Therefore, the trip that night, has aroused a new spirit of the Prophet in spreading the message of Islam.

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