Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

The danger Peeking Behind Lies

Lie is a lie or act of insult. But, why do people still do it? Everywhere, we see people lie: in the market, office, campus, even in places of worship there was a bold lie to cover up misconduct. Lie was as a defensive shield. Sometimes, a role model, also did not escape to lie.

On the corporate, government, councils, and in the courts, there is still proud of the lies. In fact, it lies a short rope. In a word wise, "all the rope length, except the string of lies."

If we already know it, why do we still like to lie? God has threatened a liar or a liar with a curse. "La'natullah 'alal Kadzibin" (curse of Allah upon the liars).

People who like to lie actually get twice the losses. First, if his lies are not known, he would get the sin of this disgraceful act.

Second, if a lie is known to others, they will lose confidence. In fact, the predicate will be pinned to him a liar or a liar. As a result, her relationship with fellow humans (hablum minannas) will be hampered. People will stay away and do not sympathize with him again.

When visited by someone who is please advise the Prophet Muhammad, he simply said: "Do not lie". Short sentences, but unpretentious, and has enormous implications for the benefits.

People who speak truth (truth) and did not like lying, psychologically do not have a heavy burden in his life. Therefore, his heart always feels serene and peaceful.

Conversely, an ordinary person is lying, his life becomes quiet and the world feels cramped. He will always feel haunted by her own feelings, due to fear of lies known to anyone else.

In the Qur'an, there are 30 verses concerning this lie. "Those who lie, those who do not believe in the revelations of Allah." (Sura 16:105). "Liar, not lucky." (Surah 16: 116). "The false news broadcast will get a big punishment." (Sura 24:11). "To worship other than Allah is a false path." (Sura 37:86). Wallahua'lam.

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