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Beware of Fuzzy anathema Behind Delicious

Ideally, every blessing we receive from Allah SWT will add to the happiness and pleasure in life. Because, when describing the blessings bestowed on His servants, God is always referred to it as pleasure (Surah Ali Imran, 14), blessing (Surat al-A'raf; 96), and the gift (Surat at-Tauba: 76).

However, there is one condition in which pleasure can turn into a curse and a gift that is given is the wrath of Allah SWT. This is called istidraaj. Istidraaj is the gift of God to people who often perform immoral to him. The more they forget God, God will add to their pleasure. As a result, they increasingly fall and God will drop a very painful punishment.

Prophet Muhammad warned, "If you see God gave the world of luxury to someone who like to break His commandments, then it is istidraaj." (Reported by Ahmad).

There are three classes of potential istidraaj overwritten. First, the people who were given favors of power, then he became arrogant and abusive toward their people. So, God prolong his reign so that he became mired in arrogance and arbitrariness of these.

These groups include tepersonifikasi through the figure of Pharaoh. When God gave him power, the Pharaoh often act arbitrarily. Then, add the power of God, and Pharaoh, the more arrogant to admit him as a god. And God finally dropped the punishment is very painful to drown Pharaoh in the Red Sea.

In modern history, many leaders are repeating the mistakes of Pharaoh. Though different in scale. And God was dropping them through a very painful process.

Second, people who are good science. Both the science world and the science of religion. For those who were given favors of world science, istidraaj sign is when the science they generated a lot of damage, rather than building. Knowledge into harm, not benefit. Meanwhile, given the excess of religious knowledge, istidraaj can be started from popularity. When they were swayed by the popularity of it, God had dropped them in a way never previously imagined.

Third, people are given a delicious treasure. The story of Korah and Tsa'labah bin Hathib is bright mirror how Allah SWT istidraaj attributing to the people who returned the favor of God by disobedience. Thus, even if God continues to pour worldly blessings to them, really behind it all is the curse and wrath of Allah SWT. Na'udzubillah.

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