Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Free download Microsoft Office 2010

This month Microsoft released Microsoft Office 2010 beta version of it, which can be downloaded for free. Popular Office suite has been no change, but not much is new. Microsoft Office includes some word processing applications, make presentations, create graphics, and the like. Microsoft Office remains the leader in its field and a variety of applications used widely.
Microsoft glided smoothly until recently, software and Web-based applications products compete with market leaders, possibly until next year Microsoft will face tough competition. Microsoft's Office suite, may face difficulties because of programs like Google Docs started to enter the market competition.
This is the challenge faced by Microsoft when preparing the next generation of Office. Version 2010 is the first full version since Office 2007, other than the Mac version of 2008, actually not much change compared to previous versions. This is just a review for Office 2010 beta, not final version, therefore it is still possible there is a change.
This new in Office 2010
New features are most expected in Office 2010 is its integration with the Web. Although details remained unclear, along with the desktop version of Office 2010, Microsoft will also launch the Web including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
There is also a new feature that allows multiple users simultaneously work on one file on the Web. Now there are some free applications that can do this, like EtherPad, but also happy to do this Office. This feature can not be used in the beta.

Please download Microsoft Office 2010 below:

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